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Using an online dating site or meeting up in person, dating in the 21st century is not easy! That's why we're here, to give you dating advice, online dating sites, and to send the message that hey, you're not alone. We've all been there!

Why should you use an online dating site? Consider the following:

You come home after another exhausting evening spent laughing at jokes that aren't funny and looking at your watch. You should have known that agreeing to go on a blind date with your mother's neighbor's doctor's favorite relative was not the best way to find your soul mate, but what choice did you have? What alternative is there?

Like many frustrated people out there, you're a bit skeptical and wary of trying to find a date using an online dating site, but you know that there must be a lot of wonderful people out there just dying to find someone to spend time with. Our top online dating site is designed to give advice as to how to safely and successfully date online, get rid of any lingering fears, and share your happy-ever-afters (as well as laughing about those few frogs who are still frogs no matter how many times you kiss them!).